The Personal Purpose Experience

The Personal Purpose Experience™ helps you develop financial strategies to achieve your personal purpose in life. Created by Stuart Paris of Paris International Corporation, The Personal Purpose Experience™ will help you have enough money, achieve your life objectives, and make a difference.

“Many people who have accumulated significant assets and have a good income still feel dissatisfied with their lives,” says Stuart Paris, president of Paris International. “Their financial affairs are often disorganized and they haven’t done enough long-term planning. They are often stressed by what they don’t know and are afraid to look at their portfolios. But most importantly, they are so focused on money that they haven’t taken the time to look at the big picture. They haven’t created financial strategies to achieve their purpose in life. We call this The Money-Focus Trap. That’s why we created The Personal Purpose Experience: to help you develop financial strategies to achieve your personal purpose in life.”

The Personal Purpose Experience™ is divided into three distinct stages. In stage one, we help assess your current situation and set goals, both personally and financially. Working together in stage two, we help you design a Personal Purpose Plan and identify key action steps. In stage three, we help you develop a Personal Purpose Team and implement your plan.

“I developed this process working with hundreds of clients during the past 20 years,” Paris says. “I help them understand their current situation — both good and bad — and create a powerful vision for their future. Then we look at the obstacles standing in their way, develop strategies to overcome the obstacles, and review all of the tools — both financial and otherwise — to help them achieve their vision.”